Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Welcome Children?

If the kids are cool, we’re cool. We love kids, but please remember that GameCraft Brewing is a brewery and is primarily an adult environment. As a result, our policy is that we are child-accommodating rather than child-friendly.

What does that mean? Well-behaved children are welcome, but you won’t find the following amenities at GameCraft: a kids’ menu, a play area, or high chairs. Children (or adults) who are loud, running about, or destructive will be asked to stop or—if necessary—to leave.

We recommend Big Air Trampoline Park as a neighboring, child-friendly business. Drop the kids off and come back for some you time.

What is your Guest Policy?

Our guests are responsible adults. We reserve the right to refuse service to those acting irresponsibly. That includes anyone who is intoxicated, abusive, destructive or otherwise creating a disturbance that detracts from our guests’ experience.

Do You Welcome Pets?

We love pets, but please remember that GameCraft Brewing is a food establishment. So only true service animals are allowed inside due to health regulations.

Is smoking allowed?

GameCraft is a non-smoking and non-vaping environment, both inside and on the patio. Smokers/vapers are requested to use a designated smoking location and help us keep the area clean.

What Happens it I leave without paying?

Tabs that are not paid prior to GameCraft’s daily close are subject to a 20% gratuity charge.

I see two charges from Gamecraft on my credit card. What’s up with that?

Some banks keep a pre-authorization charge open for a few days, even after the final charge is made. So most of the time, the pre-auth charge simply disappears. It makes us a little crazy, but holding on to your card has other challenges like forgotten cards.